Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Health) (full time, paid)

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Hello! I'm Yousef El-T and I am running to be YOUR Health VP.

Being a Medical student here for three years has been an insightful experience for me as I've been heavily involved with KCLSU throughout. This includes my experience of being part of a huge national decision-making body, as I was one of KCLSU's NUS Delegates last year. I also have the more focussed, local and relevant experience of being one of  your elected Student Trustees for this year; the highest level of decision-making within our union. On top of this, I've been heavily involved in campaigns such as #StudentsNotSuspects and supportive of other liberation campaigns.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and want to translate this passion and work to an even higher level by dedicating a whole year towards it. There have been peaks and troughs throughout our time here, but I want to cure our beloved health school of these troughs by bringing your issues to the table and make them heard; loud and clear.

These are the 8 areas I will commit to working on when elected: 

  • Funding - increasing the living bursary and giving additional support to those who need it most, with a focus on bringing back the NHS bursary. As a self-funded student myself , I know the difficulties the current instalment system has and that the bursaries we receive are not sufficient. I also understand that financial difficulties become particularly strenuous in clinical placement years, this is a burden we need to alleviate.
  • Academic support - from examination support to OSCE support, the health school needs to ensure we have more focussed contact hours and less of the packed out lecture days. I am really keen for us to explore and potentially adopt fresh and innovative ways of teaching. More importantly, I want to ensure marking is standardised and minimise subjectivity in examinations like the OSCE. Too many people have fallen victim to subjective marking and its something we need to work on eliminating.
  • Campus development -  continue the great work and discussions with regards to developing Denmark Hill campus and really ensure our campuses are functioning as students desire for them to and have the necessary facilities. With a great focus on improving library services too. 
    I'm really interested in having focus groups and discussions with health and non-health students about what they would like to see on their respective campuses!
  • Inclusivity and WP - I was born, raised and continue to live in one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. The transition into a university where things are hugely different can be overwhelming for any student. We have made great strides in combating the attainment gap and I want to continue this amazing work as well as enrich the student experience; regardless of where we are from.
  • Transparency - between the faculty and students has not been the best. This has really been exemplified by the rocky transition medics have faced in transitioning into the new curriculum. We, as students, need to be continually kept posted about any discussion which may affect us. I want to be at the heart of this discussion representing every one of you.
  • Mental Health - increasing the mental health support available for students, including services like night line. I also want to utilise some of the pioneering work done at the IOPPN to facilitate this.
  • Placement Support -  we all know different placement sites have different reviews. I want to make all experiences uniformly excellent and improve the pastoral and academic support systems so that students aren't left on their own when on placement. 
  • Opportunities - research and interning opportunities for health students is limited. It can be very difficult to know where to start looking, I will endeavour for more to be available and look to develop a platform for students to be made aware of these as they arise.

I am really keen to hear what you have to add or would like to see different at our university. Contact me on I'd love to know more about your thoughts!