Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Development (full-time, paid)



Vote Rahma for a considerate and co-operative union.

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Hey everyone! I’m Rahma, a second year History student at KCL, and I'm running to be your Vice-President for Activities and Development at KCLSU. Over the next two weeks, you will doubtlessly hear candidates highlighting their support for liberation causes, as has been done so in past elections. With me, however, I have devoted the past two years at King's to liberation and representation issues through campaigning and activism- be it organising conferences and forums to founding an online magazine for Women of Colour (WoC) and non-binary people of colour (PoC). Should I be elected for the role of the Vice-President for Activities and Development (VPAD), I will enact my 10-point pledge, which will place liberation and representation at the heart of KCLSU.





  1. Improve co-operation between KCLSU and societies

I pledge to make KCLSU aware of activities and events carried out by societies, and provide assurances that they can trust and fully rely on: financial services, welfare services, and advice KCLSU provides. With this, I believe that KCLSU should 100% support liberation campaigns that are taking place across campuses, and make sure that there is sufficient trust between student/society-led campaigns and the Student Union.

2. Improve co-operation between KCLSU and postgraduate students

Out of 27,629 students, 10,494 are postgraduates (taught and research combined). As VPAD, I pledge to work closely with the elected Postgraduate Officer – a new student officer position created by KCLSU this year. I will carry on the fighting for, campaigning, and securing better pay for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs).

3. Support for sports societies

As sport is an integral part of student life, I propose to increase the promotion of sports events, similar to the format as those at Fresher’s Fair. I will also push for Wednesday afternoons to remain free for students from all departments so that they have the chance to partake in matches and sports related events.


4. Against PREVENT

PREVENT was established to combat terrorism and the radicalisation of British citizens. This was extended to universities in 2015. Recently, our university has admitted to monitoring student and staff emails, thereby displaying a lack of trust between management and the vital student-staff dynamic. Whilst I am in full agreement that extremism and violence must be combated, I believe that PREVENT has failed in its attempts to do so. As VPAD, I will ensure that KCLSU is committed to supporting the successful NUS campaign “Preventing PREVENT” and “Students Not Suspects” as well as spearheading, launching and leading KCLSU’s own anti-PREVENT campaign by December 2017.

5. Ensure that society campaigns and events receive better funding

As an activist, I know that sufficient funding is needed for both societies and events to remain successful and efficient. I pledge to support all student campaigns- particularly the oft under-represented liberation campaigns which aim for the betterment of student welfare, representation and the community. I will also ensure that funds are reimbursed within ten days. In addition to this, I will also increase KCLSU’s commitment to promoting liberation events via social media channels all year round, especially during liberation months.


6. Hold KCL counselling service to account

As the 2016 elected Campaigns Co-ordinator for the Disabled Students Association at KCLSU, I conducted a survey asking participants about their experiences using King’s Counselling Service. A report based on the survey's findings will be published by April 2017. As your elected VPAD, I will maintain the accessibility of students with disabilities to the Student Union, especially when they require assistance. I will continue to campaign for an efficient counselling service by which students feel both safe and looked-after. I will also ensure that students from all ethnic backgrounds, genders, races, classes, sexualities, and religion feel safe and valued within our union venues and spaces. This also extends to the professional services offered across the university.

7. Ensure personal tutors receive relevant training

In most cases, we approach our personal tutor for advice: stressed, feeling overworked, personal issues, or mental health. I believe that this relationship is important to our wellbeing whilst at university. In order to maintain this, I will make sure that all tutors receive more specialist training so that they are confident in providing advice, which would make us feel more comfortable and confident to seek advice.


8. Immediate review of external speakers policy

Having been elected and served positions on different societies, I would like to use my experience to review, change and enhance the current External Speaker’s Policy. Indeed, it is integral to the functioning of KCLSU societies. However, I propose an amendment to reduce the notification period from an unachievable 21 days to 14 days. I will also ensure that background checks of external speakers become fairer in light of the increasing polarisation of society and to stamp out unconscious bias in these decisions. I believe that each speaker should respect the inclusive and values of equality espoused by the College.


9. Maintain the inclusive & safe spaces of KCLSU

I will make sure that all our venues are accessible (including physical accessibility) for everyone and most importantly, inclusive. KCLSU spaces must make everyone feel safe and valued. I will also fight to end ‘lad culture’ across campuses, and will do more to provide additional support to the successful anti-harassment campaign at King’s, “It Stops Here”. This will no doubt lead to a considerate and co-operative union.

10. Maintain the Global Lounge

The Global Lounge was started by the current VPAD in order to serve the needs of the international community here at King’s. I will maintain the successful initiative and will arrange for it to take place at least once every term. It is absolutely vital that the needs of the international community at King’s are met, and that social spaces are accessible during the holiday periods.


I currently serve on several committee positions as follows:

Social and Media Secretary for the History Outreach Society

BME Officer for the Intersectional Feminist Society - organised and co-hosted the annual “BME Women, White Uni” conference. I also chaired the panel “BME Women in Politics and Leadership”.

Disability Officer for KCL Labour Society - campaigned for students with disabilities, created a survey collecting experiences students have had with the King’s counselling service - will compile a report about this at the end of March. Also support Labour party campaigns.

Campaigns Co-ordinator for the Disabled Students Association at KCLSU - same as above. I worked with Georgie Spearing (Disability Officer) and Ben Hunt (President of KCLSU) in organising events for Disability History Month. After the completion of the counselling service. Also liaising with departments to make sure that MCF forms are more flexible for students with disabilities.

Student Ambassador and History ‘buddy’ - I represent the KCL History department at schools, colleges, and university offer holders/applicant days and open days. I also send students a monthly newsletter, and answer their questions  

Founder and Editor of I RISE magazine - Launched in November 2016, I RISE aims to provide a platform for Women of Colour and non-binary People of Colour. Since its launch, it's been a huge success, and we have some amazing things planned for Women's History Month!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at , and through social media.



Vote Rahma #1 for a considerate and co-operative union.