Candidate for the position of President (full-time, paid)



A DEGREE should mean A JOB! #YesKings

The most important thing you must take from this manifesto

is that you must vote in these elections – even if not for me!


Speak Up, Vote

It’s impossible to imagine, but only 5% of students vote in the elections. That means no one is representing the needs and goals of the other 95%. No one. If this is YOUR university experience, why is someone else choosing for you?


I stand for Employability, Innovation and Wider Opportunities

Here is why:

From zero to hero, all on my own

  • I work for an Ed-Tech Start-Up, I co-founded an NGO and now sit on its Board of Trustees. I’ve completed numerous paid & pro bono projects. When I started, most things I did and financed by myself while working student jobs in hotels or kebab shops. Now, after getting a BSc in Psychology, I’m a postgraduate student in Human Resource Management.
  • I’m standing for elections not because I need it in my CV or because I like the glamour of it. I'm standing for elections because I want your university experience to benefit you in your life and career even after graduation. And because no one insisted on that when I was doing my undergrad.
  • When I share my background, I’m amazed how many students come to me for career advice. Because even if their career path was obvious to others (because of the subject they were studying) – those students themselves had no idea. It seems that most often than not we get told what to do, but not how to achieve it.


It might not seem like it – but we are all in trouble

  • “The number of graduates taking menial jobs such as shelf stackers, rubbish collectors and cleaners has almost doubled over the past six years.” - Standard
  • “The apprenticeship levy hasn’t even started yet, but already there is concern that a huge number of employers plan to ‘game’ the system by rebranding graduate schemes as apprenticeship programmes.” – People Management Magazine
  • “Half of university students think finding a job they like will be either ‘challenging’ or ‘impossible’ as pessimism doubles in two years.” – The Telegraph
  • “CentreForum say that top universities are failing to improve the job prospects of poor students.” – Independent


Starting with You

I’m here because I care about employment. I finished my undergraduate degree and went into the job market. Now I’m back – and I’m here to tell you – things are not pretty. That is why:

  • Developing new opportunities and optimizing those we already have should be our top goal in University.
  • I’m here to work on providing the opportunities that you find lacking or out of your reach.

If those work for you, you will be motivated and ready to stand up for others as well. Right now, due to our human nature we remain blind about others while we still struggle to take care of our own lives and careers. Yes, the flight is shaky, but we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then help fellow passengers with theirs, in order to be able to make any significant change at all.


Check here for updates

I would be updating this manifesto after my conversations with voters this week during my campaign. Thus, I would make sure to reflect on all your feedback and suggestions.

  • This week you've told me that diversity is mostly found in others' words, but not actions. We need opportunities that would engage more than a handfull of students.