Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Development (full-time, paid)



Trust the Beard! Vote Alex for VPAD!

Who am I?

  • Biomedical Sciences student
  • Greek Cypriot
  • Get asked if I'm Irish a lot
  • Dancer
  • Dreamer
  • Grow my own beard (it takes a lot of commitment and patience, trust me)
  • Friendlier than I look
  • Smile a lot

What will I do if I get elected?

Provide for Activity Groups & Sports Clubs:

  • Bush House:
    • Oversee the move and take into account any concerns posed by activity groups
    • Ensure activity space is divided fairly between the two campus and between all student activity groups
    • Ensure the facilities are tailored for the needs of societies and sports teams
  • West Wing & East Wing:
    • Provide more advertising space for activity groups and sports teams within the building
    • Provide a water fountain for West Wing
    • Ensure more storage space for activity groups
    • Get the Spit to be bookable on Sundays
    • Lobby to increase the current capacity of Guy’s Bar
  • Sports Clubs:
    • Lobby to subsidise travel costs
    • Ensure all sports teams get professional training coaches and follow a consistent training program with increased external sports fields
    • Assist with securing more sponsorship and funding for kit & equipment
    • Provide financial and administrative support
  • Activity Groups:
    • Promote inter-society communication and event organising 
    • Come up with a fairer system for room block booking allocations
    • Set-up an online forum where committee members can anonymously provide feedback and request changes and improvements

Create a Union and University for Everyone:

  • Set up a KCLSU Hardship Fund for students who want to join a sport or society but cannot due to financial restraints
  • Improve cross-campus communication
  • Push for fully accessible campuses
  • Create a Union Social Space at Denmark Hill campus
  • Lobby with King’s and KCLSU to create affordable campuses
  • Ensure all sports and societies and accessible to all by working with Ethnic Minorities, LGBT+, Women’s, Widening Participation, International and Disabled Students’ Officers

Activity Groups and Sports Clubs Endorsing Me:

  • Breakin' KCL
  • Diwali Show
  • GKT Hockey Club
  • GKT Men's Football
  • GKT Netball
  • Guy's Hospital Rugby
  • RAG at KCL
  • KCL Bhangra
  • KCL Biomedical Sciences Society
  • KCL Bioscience Student's Association (BSA)
  • KCL Dance Society
  • KCL Rugby
  • KCL Women's Hockey
  • The King's Fools
  • King's Lacrosse
  • King's Musical Theatre (KMT)


Vote Alex (#1) for VPAD

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