Candidate for the position of President (full-time, paid)

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Charlie Protheroe

A Students' Union for Regular Students

Out with the nonsense and irrelevance of the usual student politics!


I will focus the attentions of the Students’ Union on solving the everyday problems facing regular students:

  1. Reverse the paternalistic “smoke free campus” policy and provide smoking areas with shelter and seating at every campus.
  2. Make KCLSU a more sociable students’ union, with more bars and hosting more events.
  3. Fight back against unnecessary “no-platforming” speakers in the name of “safe spaces” by encouraging debates to make KCL a hub of challenging ideas and free speech.
  4. Speak out about unfair changes to our student loans.
  5. Better communication between the SU and sports teams, with fines imposed on officials if they fail to tell teams the correct times and places to go to.
  6. Ease congestion on the Strand Building staircase.
  7. Better cafes, offering a greater variety of food at cheaper prices.


I will fight for fun and the best education for our money!


The era of big students' unions is over- let's usher in a less paternalisitc and less politicised future!


Charlie Protheroe (MA Philosophy)

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Protheroe for President!