Candidate for the position of NUS LGBT+ Conference Delegate


Smashing the Cis-STEM, Breaking the Binary #SendEd2NUS

About me

I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I'm a second year Biochemistry student and am currently the President of KCL LGBT+ and LGBT+ Officer (trans place) for KCLSU.

What have I done for LGBT+ students?

- Lead the sucessful Trans Officer on Council Campaign

- Helped lead the sucessful Gender Neutral Toilet Campaign 

- Worked on the campaign to require Pronouns in KCLSU introductions

- Volunteered & Delivered KCLSU LGBT+ Equality & Diversity Training

- Attended NUS LGBT+ Conference  2016

Why should I go to NUS LGBT+ Conference?

- I will have a good understanding of NUS Conference's impact on KCLSU and King's 

- I can discuss my work on the Gender Neutral Toilets Campaign with students from across the country

- I can continue my campaign for less cissexist language on Health, Life and Biomedical Science courses