Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer


Creating Electrifying change around King's


Awareness. Dignity. Accessibility. Inclusivity. Respect.


Generic quote of the day: Sometimes the things we cant change, end up changing us. 


Hi I'm Georgie Spearing, thank you for reading! I was diagnosed with Generalised Epileptic Disorder at age 17 (one week before my driving test..!) which then became Refractory at 19. Going from Abled to Disabled was difficult for so many reasons, particularly for a swimming teacher as I had to quit the job I loved! Now seeing the world from a different perspective, I turned my attention to helping my fellow disabled folks. I am the current Disabled Students' Officer for KCL as well as a Disability Officer for the LGBT+ and member of the It Stops Here campaign against Sexual Harrassment.



- For years I worked in a home for Disabled Adults and mediated very important meetings with residents and staff as well as navigating through complex legal affairs to give the best quality of life and opportunity. I did everything from Sex Ed and Consent classes to Finanace Management, to baking cakes and going on group outings. 

- I was elected as one of the current Disability Officer with the LGBT+ Society at KCL which is an important role as it aims to fight intersectional forms of oppression and create a safe environment to a vulnerable group. 

- In the past I have hosted many (successful!) inclusive and fully accessible events such as Discos, Quiz and Movie Nights for the Disabled. 

- Assisted Ben Hunt VPEAS in transforming Bush House into an accessible and inclusive building for KCL students

- Began an Audit into accessibility across the KCL Campuses

- Strong supporter for the Gender Neutral Toilets Campaign helping to ensure the safety of Trans and Non-Binary students and in doing so not only did this assist students rightfully fearing for their safety; it freed Disabled Toilets for their intended use as opposed to the next best alternative for LGBT+ students.


Here are some of the fundamental goals we as a University want to acheive in regard to disability: 


1.    Build a grassroots community of students who collectively empower and support each other and come together to face challenges and celebrate our successes.


2.    Continue to fight against the cuts to vital services for Disabled people, both inside and outside of university.


3.    Continue the fight for inclusive education, insuring that any action for Free Education is action for Free Inclusive Education


4.    Continue to support our officers in building inclusive campaigns that meet the needs of disabled students


5.    To help societies, clubs and groups be more accessible and inclusive- putting on events that disabled students can, and want to, attend.


6.    Recognise Disability History Month which is held from 22 November to 22 December and celebrates the achievements and experiences of disabled people. Host events for disabled people by disabled people!


7.    Be heard on the KCLSU Liberation Review ensuring that Disabled students use their opportunity to change the face of Liberation in KCLSU democratic structures.

8. Continue to hold KCL accountable for their lack of accessibility across the university that does not comply with the Equality Act 2010.

9. Advocate for the retraining of KCL Councelling staff and the revolutionizing of the Councelling Service as a whole following a vast number of complaints. 

10) Push for all lectures to be recorded using Lecture Capture. Currently different departments vastly differ in their dedication to Lecture Capture with some lectures not being recorded at all. To make KCL as accessible as possible all lectures need to be captured and uploaded for those with mental an physical health problems who are unable to attend. 


Thank you so much for reading! - Georgie Spearing