Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Officer (Trans Place)


Breaking the Binary, Smashing the Cis-STEM #VoteEdForTransOfficer

About me

I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I'm a first year Biochemistry student and am currently the Trans Officer for KCL LGBT+.

What have I done at KCL and KCLSU so far?

I have worked alongside the current LGBT+ Officer, Travis Alabanza, to increase the known presence of transgender students on campus. Alongside other trans students we have gained at least one Gender Neutral Toilet per campus and we have had a large presence on campus as part of Queer Month at Kings (LGBT+ History Month).  As one of the two Trans Officers on King's LGBT+ I have hosted many sucessful events and worked to increase the voice of transgender students on campus. Within KCLSU we have implemented motions on Gender Neutral Toilets, Pronouns and the establishment of the officer role I am now running for. 

What am I going to do?

- Continue to work on the Gender Neutral Toilets Campaign so everyone feels safe and comfortable using toilets on campus

- Work towards the use of less cissexist language on Health, Life and Biomedical Science courses

- Increase the presence of voices from LGBT+ people who often go unheard, these include those who are transgender, non-binary, disabled, PoC or women

- Continue to ensure trans awareness training is implemented to stop harassment of transgender students on campus

- Introduce training to end transphobia from the health centre

- Make King's feel safer for all transgender pupils 

- Have an even larger presence of trans people in LGBT+ History Month for 2017