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Elections Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


RON (re-open nominations) and NFP (no further preference)

You should list R.O.N as a preference if you feel that the candidates you have not yet listed are not suitable for that position.

Voting for R.O.N is an active vote AGAINST the remaining candidates. To express indifference, choose 'No Further Preference'.

Placing a "1" next to No Further Preferences is vote of abstention.

If you do not intend to abstain you should place a "1" next to your preferred option. Your preferred option will be either your preferred candidate or if you believe no candidate is suitable for the position Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N). You should continue numbering your options consecutively in strict order of preference until you are indifferent between the remaining unnumbered options. At this stage you should assign the next number in sequence to No Further Preferences. The Voting system will not accept Ballot Forms where an option is numbered subsequently to No Further Preferences. Please note that under no circumstances can a later preference count against an earlier preference.

  • Selecting No further Preferences (N.F.P) is an expression of indifference towards all remaining options.
  • Selecting Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N) is an active vote against all remaining candidates.