Elections Complaints

If you believe that a candidate or their campaign team has broken the candidate code of conduct, you can submit a complaint using the step-by-step process below.

If you would like to make a complaint about the administration of the election, you can do this by emailing rocomplaints@kclsu.org.



Returning Officer: an external adjudicator whose role it is to oversee the elections and ensure they are free and fair.

Deputy Returning Officer: a senior member of KCLSU staff whose role it is to support the Returning Officer.

Code of conduct: rules about actions and behaviours during the elections process, which all candidates agree to when they nominate themselves.

Step by step process for complaints about other candidates and their campaign teams:

  1. If a student feels that a candidate or a member of their campaign team may have broken the candidate code of conduct, they can submit a complaint by emailing rocomplaints@kclsu.org. They will need to provide as much information and evidence as possible.
  2. The complainant will receive a reply within 2 business hours to let them know that their complaint is being investigated by the Deputy Returning Officer.
  3. If the Deputy Returning Officer finds that the misconduct is of a minor nature, they will email the candidate and give them an informal warning, with steps to rectify what they have done. The student who made the complaint will not be notified.
  4. If the Deputy Returning Officer finds that the misconduct is of a moderate or severe nature, the Returning Officer will ask them to initiate a formal investigation. Both the complainant and the candidate will receive an email setting out the formal complaint to be investigated, and the candidate will be invited to a disciplinary hearing. Both the complainant and the candidate will be invited to provide a written statement for the panel. The candidate will also be given an opportunity to meet with the DRO before the disciplinary hearing.
  5. A disciplinary panel of three members of the Elections Disciplinary Committee will hear the case and if they find some or all of the formal complaint proven, they may impose:
  • A formal verbal warning
  • A written warning
  • Termination or suspension of election candidacy

For more detail, you can read the Elections Disciplinary Procedure in full.

If you’ve got any further questions about how the process works, get in touch at elections@kclsu.org.

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