Candidate Code of Conduct

Taking part in a KCLSU election means following a code of conduct (agreeing to rules about behaviours and actions during the elections process). By nominating yourself, you’ll have agreed to this code of conduct – this will be discussed in the candidate briefings.

Listed below are activities that are prohibited – doing any of them means that you may be liable to disciplinary action under the Election/Referenda Disciplinary Procedure.

If you would like to make a complaint, please email

Prohibited promotion of candidacy or campaign

  • Campaign activity by candidate or campaign team before campaign period has begun
  • Campaign publicity that is displayed in undesignated KCLSU and KCL Spaces or without permission
  • Campaign publicity that causes damage to KCLSU or KCL property
  • Campaign spend exceeding the campaign spending limit

Defamation of another candidate or campaign

  • Tampering with another’s campaign material
  • Negative campaign activity in regards to another candidate or their campaign

Anti social and intimidating behaviour, or any violation of KCLSU Safe Space Policy

  • Attempts by candidate or campaign team to influence or interfere whilst a student is casting their vote
  • Campaigning activity that is disruptive to others
  • Campaigning activity that uses disorderly, threatening, harassing or offensive behaviour or language; in person, in writing (including electronically) or
  • Campaigning activity that uses intimidating or discriminatory behaviour or language; in person, in writing (including electronically) or orally
  • Campaign activity that may have criminal and / or legal implications

Prohibited endorsement

  • Unauthorised use of KCLSU branding
  • Permitting an employee of King’s College London or KCLSU, to endorse a candidate or campaign through their position or by using privileges/access given to them as a member of staff
  • Inviting a person who is not a member of KCLSU to campaign on KCL or KCLSU premises
  • Accepting sponsorship or donations either monetary or gifts in kind.