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The King’s Kung Fu group is a KCLSU club based on Guy’s campus, King’s College, and is part of the Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan system, one of the largest Chinese martial arts systems in the UK. We practice traditional Shaolin kung fu and training consists of forms, self-defence, fitness and physical conditioning, qigong internal training, pad work, weapon training, and sparring. Our fighting style involves a good balance between hand strikes and kicks as well as grappling and throwing. We practice traditional forms, including breathing, lohan and animal forms, as well as sparring.

The first session is free to try out! Whether people are experienced martial artists or complete beginners, everyone is welcome to join.  

What’s on:

Training is on regularly all year round, taking place in Atrium 1, Guy's Hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1830- 2030

Check out our Facebook for more information, or email Soukina (soukina.abou_khalil@kcl.ac.uk)





  • Kung Fu Standard Membership£12.00
  • Kung Fu Associate Membership (Non-students)£12.00




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All memberships bought before the 31st of July will expire on the 31st of July. We advise that you wait until the 1st of August to purchase a membership.