Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Recognition

At KCLSU, we want to celebrate the fantastic work undertaken by our students, and allow them to demonstrate their experience to employers. That’s why it’s a great idea to take part in our awards schemes.

KCLSU Volunteering Awards

You can log any hours you’ve spent volunteering on your volunteer profile. At the end of the academic year, you’ll then be eligible for an award based on your level of commitment:

  1. Bronze Award for 25 hours
  2. Silver Award for 50 hours
  3. Gold Award for 75 hours
  4. Platinum Award for 150 hours or more

Awards are presented as a certificate that will be provided as both a digital and an optional hard copy. Volunteering isn’t just limited to roles with external charities – roles with KCLSU such as course rep, society/club committee member and others are also doing their bit to improve the King’s community, so make sure you log any hours spent on these activities too!

The deadline for logging hours for the 2020/21 academic year is Monday 31st May 2021.


How to Log Your Volunteering Hours


PostGraduate Students

For PostGraduate students or those graduating in September, if you are continuing to volunteer between 1st June and your graduation, you may require a second certificate for the academic year 2020-21.

Please continue to log hours from 1st June and contact [email protected] so that we can create your certificate.


King’s Experience Awards

Explore the impact volunteering has made on the way you see the world - and understand yourself - by completing a King’s Experience Award. It allows you to reflect, think outside the box and be creative while giving you recognition for activities carried out outside your course of study.