Candidate Briefing

By-Election Candidate Briefing

This is the candidate briefing for the by-election. This briefing will be available from Monday 25 May, 10am - Monday 1 June, 2pm. Here you'll cover a series of areas and you'll need to watch/read through the resources then answer a series of question to confirm your understanding.

This brieifing covers:

  • Key Information
  • The Election Principles
  • The Role and Expectations
  • Self Care and Wellbeing
  • Digital Campaigning Tips
  • Trustee Spotlight (for VP Postgraduate candidates only)

You must have completed the survey by 2pm on Monday 1 June for your nomination to be complete. If you have any queries contact

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Key Information

  • Campaigning begins from 6:30pm on Monday 1 June. You are not allowed to campagin before this time as it would be a breach of the election principles.
  • Your manifesto deadline is 12pm on Friday 5 June. If you have any problems with uplaoding your manifesto please contact
  • The campaign budget for Network Officer roles is £20 and for Vice President Potgraduate it is £30. You must keep a copy of all reciepts and send them in along with the expense sheet which can be found in your handbook by the expenses deadline. The deadline to send in your expenses is 12pm on Friday 12 June. KCLSU will allow each VP Postgraduate candidate to claim back £30 in election expenses. This will be reimbursed following the end of the elections.
  • By sumbitting your nomination you give KCLSU permission to:
    • Make your candidacy public
    • Access your campaign material
    • Verify candidate information with King’s College London
    • Refer to King’s College London or the police if required

The Election Principles

This section of the briefing aims to explain key components of the KCLSU Election By-Laws, most relevant to you as a candidate.

  1. The role of the Returning Officer
  2. The KCLSU Election Principles

We’d also encourage you to read the by-laws for yourself, which can be found here. By nominating yourself, you have already signed in agreement to these by-laws.

While this may not be the most exciting part of the candidate briefing, this information is essential for all candidates to be aware of and understand. We don’t want anyone feeling unsure about this aspect of the elections, so if having read this briefing leaves you feeling uncertain or if you require any clarification, please contact with your queries and questions.

Click here for the election principles briefing document.

The Role and Expecations

Network Officers

  • Once in post, you are expected to have 121s with your relevant KCLSU Staff Lead on a monthly basis.
  • You are expected to build relationships and collaborate with the students you represent and your fellow student leaders through collaborative open meetings and other engagement events.
  • You are expected to build working relationships with relevant KCLSU and KCL staff members
  • You will be expected to attend a 121 with your relevant KCLSU Staff Lead and an induction-training event prior to being in post, to help you feel prepared for your role.


After you are elected into post and before your role starts, there will be mandatory meetings and events, you will need to attend to build relationships with your key staff leads and develop your priorities for the year ahead. These consist of:

121s Begin Role

First 121s with relevant KCLSU Staff Leads – this is where you will identify your priorities for the year ahead (between 22nd June and 3rd August).

From 1st August, – your role officially begins – now is the time to make a change!

Vice President Postgraduate

Your start date will be 1 July 2020 and your training will take place in July and August. Please make sure you are availble to start from 1 July as this is a full-time paid role. After you are elected into post and before your role starts there will be mandatory meetings and events you will need to attend to build relationships with your key staff leads and develop your priorities for the year ahead. These consist of:

Event Date Aim

First 121s with relevant KCLSU Staff Leads

22nd June- 26th June

This will be am hour and a half meeting where you will begin to identify your priorities for the year ahead and meet with our HR team to sort out your employment paperwork.


Self Care and Wellbeing

If you’d like to discuss how you’re doing during this election period, you can contact Adina ( or Julia Haas ( to have a phone call or Skype meeting. Adina will be available on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and Julia will be available Wednesday/Friday.
Your wellbeing is extraordinarily important to prioritise. Take care of yourself with Take Time In, the indoor version of our well-known Take Time Out. Take Time In is your online wellbeing space focusing on the King’s Way to Wellbeing based on NHS guidance. Boost your wellbeing and find what’s best for you with activities, events and ideas, together with your King’s community.
We also have a support for candidates document which includes more tips on how to look after your wellbeing and how to get into contact with a Positive Peer.

Digital Campaigning Tips

With this by-election being completey digital based we've put together a resource on digital campaigning tips which includes bits about social media, multimedia, online lecture shoutouts and more. It's a handy document to refer to if you're unsure on where to begin with your campaign.


Trustee Spotlight

The Trustee Spotlight video is compulsory for Vice President Postgraduate Candidates only.

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