The Shack

The Shack Logo at KCLSU

Brand new cafe

The Shack is an alcohol free cafe on the ground floor of our Union at Bush House, where we’ll get great quality coffee, sandwiches, pastries and other grab and go snacks at extremely student friendly prices.

To look forward to

The cafe sits in a vibrant, open space with multi-purpose seating, a games area, nearby cinema, performance area and a host of other facilities. The Shack is the second cafe in our KCLSU venues family, with The Shed in its second year of operation at East Wing, Guy's Campus.

KCLSU The Shack Logo on cup

Where we’ll find The Shack:

In the KCLSU Lobby on the ground floor of Bush House SE. 

The Shack area in Bush House

When will The Shack open?

The Shack will open in 2018. See other key dates here.

Why is it being called The Shack?

We consulted about the use of all names being used in our spaces and The Shack was the preferred option. A shortlist was created based on the space, our identity as a Union and the cafe's relationship to The Shed at Guy's Campus.