Student Spaces

We'll have lots of multipurpose spaces in Bush House for study, relaxation, meetings and activities. Some of these spaces are open areas with varied seating, while others will be bookable spaces with specific rules of use.

The Shack

The Shack is an alcohol free cafe on the ground floor of our Union at Bush House, where we’ll get great quality coffee, sandwiches, pastries and other grab and go snacks at extremely student friendly prices.

  • Ground Floor of Bush House, South East Wing

The Vault

The Vault is a basement space - Perfect for those parties, club nights and the vast range of events our Union bars are known for. It also sits in a food court, with other King's food outlets with enough seating for all of us!

Bush House Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

KCLSU will operate 3 meeting rooms in Bush House which ratified groups, clubs and societies will be able to book for prescribed activities.

Where we'll find meeting rooms in Bush House:

  • Floor 8 of Bush House, South East Wing

Activity Rooms

KCLSU will operate 6 activity rooms of different sizes in Bush House for student groups, societies and clubs to use via a booking system. These rooms are being specifically designed for varied activities and will include spring flooring, stackable furniture, and AV facilities.

Where we’ll find activity rooms in Bush House:

  • 5 activity rooms on the 8th Floor (KCLSU Upper Loft) of Bush House South East Wing.
  • 1 activity room on the Gound Floor of Bush House South East Wing.

The Studio

The Studio is an exciting new space that will double as a cinema and dance studio. It will feature a large screen and projector for film screenings, as well as wall-to-wall mirrors and spring flooring for dance/martial arts or other appropriate activities.

Where we’ll find The Studio

  • Ground floor of Bush House South East Wing

Study Pods

Pods are small booth-like spaces with seating for up to 5 people. They’re being designed for small activities where focus is key. Pods will feature display screens and power supply so we can zone out the world and get things done or conduct a quick meeting with our peers or colleagues.

Where we’ll find Study Pods

  • 7th Floor of Bush House South East Wing (KCLSU Lower Loft)

Open Spaces

KCLSU will have lots of open spaces in Bush House for us to just take a load off, study, eat or catch up with peers. We have designed these spaces to be student friendly with vibrant colours, comfortable and varied seating, moveable furniture, and games tables.


The Lobby Commons is the main seating area of the KCLSU Lobby with chesterfields, stools, hassocks, chairs, tables, a ping pong table and foos ball. The space is multi-purpose, bright and spacious.

Where we’ll find The KCLSU Lobby

Ground Floor of Bush House South East Wing 

KCLSU Bush House Ground Floor
KCLSU The Studio

KCLSU Lower Loft

The Lower Loft is a more sedate space where quiet activity is prioritised. Here we'll have moveable chairs and tables designed for work or study as well as power banks. There will also be bookable Study Pods in this area.

Where we’ll find The Lower Loft

  • Floor 7 of Bush House South East Wing (KCLSU Lower Loft)

KCLSU Upper Loft

The Upper Loft is a very eco-friendly space with comfortable seating and lots of greenery. The aim here is relaxation and was designed to recreate the effect of a meadow.

Where we'll find The Upper Loft

  • Floor 8 of Bush House South East Wing (KCLSU Lower Loft)
KCLSU Bush House Ground Floor

When will these spaces be open to everyone at Bush House?

Bookable and open spaces will be available for use in 2018.

What will change about the way we access these spaces?

Use of open spaces is subject to KCLSU's Safe Space Policy. These spaces (KCLSU Lobby, Upper and Lower Lofts) are for each and every member of the King’s student community. Bookable spaces are subject to specific policies which may be reviewed before these spaces open in 2018. Any changes will be clearly communicated.