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KCLSU at Strand

We're moving! All the spaces and functions now at KCLSU Strand Campus will be moving into the historic Bush House Buildings over the course of 2018. King's College London has leased these buildings as part of its expansion plans for the Strand Campus and our Union is part of the move. Our spaces will be newer and larger, which gives us the opportunity to expand and improve!

The Union Shop was the first KCLSU space to open in Bush House in September 2017 and all other spaces will follow suit  in 2018. 



We've been working with contractors, designers and architects to ensure that our spaces maximise light, allow for connectivity among users, are accessible and inclusive, and support everyone's need to socialise and connect, make a difference, get involved and access support.

The following is a summary of the spaces we're developing in Bush House:

  • new student venue, The Vault, with more seating than we currently have at Waterfront Bar & Kitchen.
  • new student cafe, The Shack, in an alcohol-free social space with great value food and drink.
  • more social space, including a performance area, cinema, table tennis tables and loads of seating.
  • dedicated space for Advice
  • bookable meeting rooms, as well as quieter pods in the social space for study or small meetings
  • additional KCLSU Hubs support with extended services
  • activity rooms with a mix of sprung floors and mirrors, designed for martial arts, dance and a wide range of physical activities.

Listed are all the spaces that we'll have in Bush House. Click each for more detailed information and the latest on their development.





Study Spaces

Activity Rooms

Meeting Rooms

The Media Suite

The Vault (bar and restaurant)

The Shack (an alcohol free cafe)

The Shop (already open)



Moving dates