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Positive Peer Scheme For Healthcare Students by Healthcare Students

Written by Jack Haywood, Vice President for Education (Health) 2016/17

The wellbeing of students is becoming more and more of a priority at King’s. Many studies across higher education institutions from across the UK and around the world have found that peer led support is one of the best ways to promote the wellbeing of students. After discussions between Jack Haywood, our Vice President for Education (Health), the staff and administration from the four health faculties at King’s, King’s Wellbeing, and students from across the faculties, a Positive Peer Scheme for healthcare students has been formed. While initially this scheme is just for healthcare students, it is anticipated that if this is successful, then it can be rolled out right across the university.

Using a peer-to-peer approach, the Positive Peers help enhance the personal and collective wellbeing of King’s healthcare students by giving evidence-based information, sharing experiences and connecting students with health-related resources. The activities of the Peers have a common purpose: To help create a flourishing community by promoting, supporting and celebrating the wellbeing of healthcare students at King’s. Through health promotion and support, the Positive Peers are a key component of the King’s Wellbeing Team and contribute to the larger health faculties’ commitment to improve student mental health and wellbeing.

We are looking for peer facilitators to lead this project with King’s Wellbeing! The role is a great add on to any health course as this allows you to develop the skills to deal with a whole range of issues and support people in the best way possible. You would be able to facilitate group sessions, but also be involved with the development of the scheme and providing much needed and appreciated support to students.

If you apply and are successful, you will be given training by specialists for the role, receive a certificate to add into your portfolio and any feedback about facilitation.

If you are a healthcare student, and not in the final year of your studies, you can apply! You can find out more information here, and the application form is here. Please return this to Julia Haas by 8 February (