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Boycott the NSS: don’t fill the survey to stop raising fees

Written by our Student Officer Team 2016/17

This week, the Principal, Ed Bryne, and President of the Union Ben Hunt released a joint statement stating common issues with the Teaching Excellence Framework.

The government is allowing universities to raise their tuition fees year on year depending on their ranking in the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The TEF is widely seen as a flawed system with metrics that are arbitrary and fail to really measure teaching quality as was mentioned int he joint statement between the union and the principal. 

As a union we campaigned and lobbied heavily to try and get the university to not partake in the programme that will see institutions ranked Bronze, Silver and Gold and have the ability to raise fees as a result. Despite many people having deep reservations, the institution has decided to partake. 

We believe this to be a decision detrimental to the students of King's and we have one method of action left. 

The National Student Survey is sent to all final year students to evaluate their experience at university. This year the NSS is being used as part of the TEF; ultimately it is being used to raise tuition fees. We are calling on all final year students not to fill in the survey. Ignore the emails. Do nothing. This is collective action with fellow students all across the country not being party to the implementation of a flawed system and the potential exponential raising of fees for future students. 

Of course, providing feedback can be a good way of getting your experience heard so we recommend filling in module evaluation forms and the King's student survey that will be released. Not filling in the NSS does not mean your voice won't be heard. 

So, as you receive emails in the coming weeks asking you to take the survey remember what the results are being used for. Do not fill it in. Boycott the NSS. 

You can follow the campaign here.