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Post-doctoral loans and part-time undergraduate maintenance loans

Written by Ben Hunt, KCLSU President 2016/17


I am currently responding to the Government’s consultations on post-doctoral loans and part-time undergraduate maintenance loans. Here’s an update on those consultations, which close on 16 December – I’d really like to hear any comments you have.

The Government has released a consultation on the introduction of post-doctoral loans. They have committed to introduce loans that will be assessed by students’ household income.

The key terms of the proposed loan are:

  • individuals would be able to borrow up to 25,000.
  • the maximum course length to which a loan would apply would be six years.
  • the loan is not meant to cover all living fees or tuition fees, but as a contribution to the cost of study.
  • it is available to students who are not receiving the Research Council studentship.
  • the loan will become available in 2018/19, and is for students who are UK nationals and other students who meet the loan’s eligibility requirements (essentially home students).

Read the full consultation on Post-Doctoral Loans

There is also a current consultation out on the provision of undergraduate maintenance loans for part-time students. The details of this loan are:

  • the maximum amount of the specified loan would be 75% that of the equivalent full time maintenance loan, assessed on students’ household income.
  • the maximum length of eligibility is 16 years of study. The yearly loan available varies per person according to the intensity of their study (i.e. how many modules or hours they are doing in study).
  • the loan is a contribution towards living costs, and would available to people studying any Level 6 part-time qualification, including those studying on distance learning courses.
  • the loan would be available to UK nationals and other students who meet the loan’s eligibility requirements (essentially home students).
  • these loans are put in place by Government to attempt to support those entering part-time education and to widen access for BME students and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Read the full consultation on part-time maintenance loans for undergraduate students. 

If you have any comments or would like to know more about these consultations, please email: The deadline for both consultations is 16 December.