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University Challenge Auditions!

Written by the KCLSU Student Officer Team


The time has come for another round of auditions for our University Challenge Team! The auditions will be held on 17th November at Guy's (you can find out more information in the Facebook event). 

We are hoping to make our audition process as open and inclusive as possible, so we look forward to seeing you on Thursday to answer some questions and have a few snacks. As a result of our aim to make our audition process and the team as inclusive and representative as possible we are using our positive action policy and will be aiming to have at least 50% of our University Challenge team consist of self-defining women, trans or non-binary students! This is an important step that reinforces our union values and ensures we are bringing an inclusive and representative team into a largely male dominated show. The final team will be selected on merit and also the need to ensure a wide range of subject knowledge is held between the team. Good luck!