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Why stand in the Big Autumn Elections?

If you want to get involved with the shaping of our union and creating change, then the autumn term is the one to do it in! There are elections for the Ethics Committee, Trustee Board, Student Reps, NUS conferences and more coming up - you can get involved with anything you like. Nominate yourself now - here are some reasons why you should...

Mariya (our VP for Education - Arts & Sciences):

I ran to be a Student Trustee in my second year and ended up being elected. I found myself with the opportunity to really set the strategy and vision of our Union and ensure that KCLSU members get the best from the Union. I was part of the decision to move our money to an ethical bank (a move that came as a result of student lobbying), I helped decide budgets for the years ahead, and I worked on the planning of the new KCLSU space at Bush House.

The work you do as a Student Trustee is varied, but it is really exciting to be able to directly shape our Union for students in such a direct way. Student Trustees are vital and if you're thinking about getting involved, then do!

Ben (our KCLSU President):

As a Sabbatical Trustee in the last year, I’ve worked on new areas which I never thought I would, such as overseeing the Bush House project from Trustee Board. This included working on what student spaces we could get, which included everything from working through space plans to looking at branding. It even included voicing what facilities students really want, such as a new cinema and activity rooms.

I also was able to take part in legal decisions and making some decisions regarding the right to protest on campus, and venue space too. The Trustee Board is an open place to set the direction of our Union, and students are needed on the ground to hold us to account to make sure we’re doing what’s right for you! If you want the opportunity to have a wide-ranging position at the top of KCLSU, to do what you think is right for our students, then please run for election. It’s a really rewarding experience!

Student Trustee is just one of over 50+ positions open. You can find a list of  all the positions for the Big Autumn Elections. Nominate yourself - you create real change on lots of different issues through any of them. And of course, if you want to ask any questions or find out more, then do get in touch!