Disability History Month

Ends 22 December
Disability History Month provides a platform for disabled people to share the history of the struggle for equality and human rights, empowering them to “become agents of change within their communities".
KCLSU Disability History Month 2019

Leadership, Resistence & Culture

Join us for a series of events, activities and inspiration to celebrate disabled liberation throughout history and to raise awareness of the struggles faced by disabled communities at King’s and wider society.

This year, the theme for UK DHM focus around leadership and we have prepared a series of events and activities highlighting the leaders of the disabled students community at King's.

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Upcoming Events

Join us for our great events around liberation, awareness and leadership within the disabled community at King's and beyond.

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Disabled Students' Network

This Network refers to all students who self-define as disabled, including (if they wish) but not limited to, students with a physical or mental impairment, a long-term medical or mental health condition or Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). Identify as Disabled? Check our page for more specific updates. You can also contact disabled@kclsu.org about taking part, or email representation@kclsu.org for more information about networks.


Why we celebrate Disability History Month

"Disability History Month provides a platform for disabled people to share the history of the struggle for equality and human rights and it empowers them to “become agents of change within their communities”. It is important to recognise how the leaders of the disabled peoples’ movement have changed the conversation on disability from a personal burden to a global human rights issue.

I am really excited to let you know that the KCLSU Disabled Students Network have collaborated with KCLSU and King’s to present an exciting programme of events to mark KCLSU DHM 2019 These include our first Disabled Network Open Meeting - where you can meet myself, the Disabled Network team and what projects and campaigns we have planned for the year and a workshop delivered by King’s Careers - where you can learn some practical tips on how to find work experience and receive advice on when, if and how to talk with employers about disability! Find out the rest of the interesting events below. We look forward to celebrating with you!

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