KCLSU Drugs Safety Information

KCLSU is committed to the safety of all its students. We recognise that coming to University can bring many challenges and temptations.  We realise that drugs can be one of those temptations.  It is important to know the facts first.   

KCLSU does not condone drug use, and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for drugs at our student union – we strictly forbid the use or possession of drugs in our premises, and violations of our (and the University’s) zero-tolerance policy may be dealt with through official disciplinary procedures and with the involvement of the police.

A study done by the National Union of Students and drugs charity Release shows that there are complex reasons behind drug use, and we understand that regardless of whether or not we approve of it, students may encounter and use drugs in a variety of contexts. As such, it is important that we provide students with the facts about drugs and how to access support if they need it.

Students can find out honest information about drugs, including how to deal with peer pressure to take drugs and a directory of support services, from the national drugs education service FRANK:

Specific information for LGBT+ students regarding drugs is available at: