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KCLSU Trustee Board

KCLSU is registered with the Charity Commission, and our Trustee Board has overall responsibility for the legal, strategic and financial health of the Union. The Trustee Board is the decision maker of the Students’ Union and is the ultimate decision-making body of the Students’ Union.

Our Trustee Board is made up of:

  • 6 Student Officers, who lead KCLSU and were elected to their positions by King’s College London students. Student Officers lead KCLSU as an organisation, drive what we campaign for, and lobby at a College and national level to make changes in the interests of the student body.
  • 4 elected Student Trustees, elected by King’s College London students.
  • 4 Lay Trustees, who are external people, recruited for their expertise in specific areas.

See a quick summary from our Student Officers of what happened at the October Trustee Board meeting. KCLSU Trustees all agree to abide by a Code of Conduct and meet their Terms of Reference. Find out more by reading the KCLSU Governance Policies, Procedures and Guidance document

All Trustees are accountable for the decisions they make individually and collectively. Every year at the KCLSU Annual General Meeting, all King's students (who are the members of KCLSU) have the opportunity to put questions to the KCLSU Trustee Board. There are presentations and discussions held about the organisation’s performance and published Annual Report and Accounts. If you’d like to see a summary of the most recent Trustee Board meeting, please contact us at hello@kclsu.org.

Full details on how KCLSU Trustees are appointed and removed and how they are held accountable by our student membership can be found in our Articles of Association

Here are the current members of the KCLSU Trustee Board: