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Our Green Impact

We think it’s important to consider the impact we make on our environment. It's our legal and ethical responsibility. We work hard to make sure you have a clean and green place to study and relax in.

Find out more about our Green Impact and how you can get involved in making sure your Students' Union is sustainable.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts

KCLSU, as with all organisations, needs to be aware of its environmental aspects and impacts. Everything we do, from office administration at a desk in front of a computer to our trading in the bars has an impact on the environment. We've developed a smart plan to enable us to be more sustainable. Each year we take part in a number of projects, big and small, in an attempt to reduce our impact on the environment. Take a look at what we've been up to this year.

Green Impact Award

Last year we received Very Good at the NUS Green Impact Awards. This achievement recognises our extensive efforts to become more sustainable. NUS Green Impact aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of KCLSU’s activities. We hope to continue to improve our performance and take care of our surroundings. It also helps energy costs, which leaves more money for students. So we all win!

We’ll be taking part again in NUS Green Impact throughout this year. If you have any questions or feedback about this or sustainability at KCLSU, please don't hesitate to contact us.



We’re big fans of recycling. All bins within KCLSU are clearly marked for recyclable goods or residual waste.

Got some empty batteries or printer toner and ink cartridges? We provide facilities for recycling these at our KCLSU Hubs.


Sustainability Week

Ever year alongside Kings we take part in Sustainability week, you can get involved here and take a look at what we have done this year. 


KCLSU Sustainability Champions

KCLSU staff take part in Kings Sustainability Champions scheme. Last year we received Bronze and this year we are aiming for Silver. This year we promoted sustainability to staff through our weekly communication The Insider and created our own Green Brand - The Green Corner.

You can get involved in the scheme here. 

Green Stripe

Societies and activity groups now have the chance to show off their support for sustainable values, while reducing environmental impact. Have your group or society apply for the Green Stripe, raise awareness and reduce their carbon footprint. It’s all about leaving behind a healthy planet for the future.

You can apply any time during the year. Check out how to apply and why you should.

Snap it Off!

Snap It Off! is an easy way to draw attention to wasteful energy usage on and off campus.

If you see instances where energy could be conserved, now is your chance to take action! All you have to do is take a photo.  Check out other’s snaps to get an idea on how it goes.

If you take a snap, text NUS to 07725 20 20 20 and follow their instructions, or upload it to Snap It Off. You could even win best photo of the month!

Remember: make sure to check back later to see if the problem’s been fixed.

Get Involved

Interested in taking a more proactive role in the drive for sustainability? Join or take an idea to our Union Development - Ethics Committee to make a difference on campus. 

The Ethics Committee meets termly, you can see previous ideas here. 

KCL Sustainability Team have launched a Sustainable Travel survey around how people travel to and in-between campuses. The survey results will form the basis of our Green Travel Plan. You can complete the survey here.  

You can see more of our sustainability work here 

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