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Tick the options you'd like. If you'd like more than three options, we'll offer you a package discount of 10% off your total bookings. Please note that adverts in Roar! are not included in this offer. After a completing this form, a member of our Sales team will get back to you with your options. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions before making a booking.

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Digital (Year Round)

Web banner – 2 weeks (£150/ £300/ £500+ vat)
Web banner – 1 month (£300/ £600/ £1000+ vat)

TV Advertising (During term time only. Set cost)

Sub TV advert – 1 week (£150+ vat)

Sub TV advert – 2 weeks (£300+ vat)

Print Advert in ROAR student newspaper (During term time only. Set cost)

Inside banner (£80 + vat)                           Quarter page advert (£150 + vat)

Front banner (£100 + vat)                          Half page advert (£350 + vat)

Back Cover (£500 + vat)                             Full page advert (£450 + vat)

Wrap around (£1200 + vat)

Campus Stall (During term time, call to book)

One day (£250/ £300/ £400+ vat)

One week (£750/ £900/ £1125+ vat)

Direct Email (During Term Time, subject to availibility)

Featured logo as footer (live link) (£300+ vat)

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